The further I explore my own inner-knowing the more I notice my external world and how vibration is the fabric of all things. I think therefore i am, Everything is vibration therefore i am vibration.

I've compiled 3 songs that have influenced me from a intellectual and experiential state of knowing.

1. Audiojack - Turya

I have been listening to Audiojack for sometime now. Their tech-house and techno mixes have had me dancing for many years. I appreciate their attention to mind and consciousness. I found this track literally 2 days after i finished a 10 day meditation retreat which was specifically aimed at following what the girl talks about on this track, awareness & presence to the here & now.

2. Prok & Fitch + Green Velvet - Sheeple

Prok & Fitch & Green Velvet are techno legends, not only are they technically savvy producers, but they also are so conscious about music and the power of media. Through this song, they show awareness to the power of television & media in controlling the masses.

3. Feed Me & Crystal Fighters - Love is all I got (Larse Remix)

A friend of mine turned me on to this song a while back and I instantly loved it. It has a great beat that is upbeat and happy, which also uses powerful word intentions to raise vibrations. I have learned so much about what the feeling of love feels like instead of intellectualizing it all the time and I feel that this song does a great job of interpreting how that feels.