You are now ready to take that next step, and become the Ableton ninja you have always wanted to be. This class is for students who really want to master Ableton, and have a firm understanding of advanced Ableton techniques. Everything from building custom audio effect racks, to mulit-band processing, this class is designed to make you think about Ableton in a whole new way.



  • Multi-Band Effects and Processing
  • Parallel Processing
  • Morphing Effects
  • Pitch and Modulation Effects
  • Advanced Synthesis, Sampling, and Vocoding
  • MIDI and Key Mapping
  • Advanced EQ
  • Advanced Routing
  • Advanced Sound Design
  • Playing Live With Ableton
  • FM Synthesis With Operator
  • Building Custom Instrument Racks
  • Building Custom Audio Effect Racks
  • Building Custom MIDI Effect Racks
  • Advance Warping Techniques
  • Max For Live

COURSE: $990