Ableton has become the standard these days when it comes to electronic music production. This course will introduce you to the fundamental elements of ableton, and give you the tools you need to start making music. From drums and bass, all the way to creating FX, this program will get you up and running with Ableton.



  • Navigating the Ableton Interface
  • Impulse
  • Drum Racks 
  • Programming Original Drums
  • Shaping Drum Sounds
  • Arranging and editing MIDI
  • Quantizing
  • Beat Slicing
  • Creating Original Bass Sounds
  • Creating Leads
  • Creating Pads and Textures
  • Creative Use of FX
  • Sampling with Simpler
  • Clip Automation
  • Session Automation
  • Audio Effects
  • MIDI Effects
  • Using MIDI Keyboards and Controllers 
  • Organization Techniques
  • Mixing Basics

COURSE: $990